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Presenting The New Business Proposal as a Business Plan

August 25th, 2014

One of the key catalysts for every commercial real estate agent to keep their pipeline full is the presentation of a steady flow of new business proposals. Through a strategic series of discovery questions, the most skilled commercial real estate brokerage professionals will uncover the wants, needs and problems that represent an opportunity for them to offer the services necessary to meet the clients’ needs. We can’t underestimate the importance of presenting our professional services and capabilities to the prospect in terms that directly relate to the solutions and outcomes that the client hopes to achieve. Too many times we are on our own agenda, telling instead of selling, touting our track record and making promises to dazzle the client with our sales skills, but falling short on directly correlating those skills to the benefits that will help the prospect. The proposal should not be defined as an elaborate dog and pony show that we use to ask for the business. A truly effective proposal should serve as a business plan or road map that demonstrates to the prospective client that you are acutely aware of what they need to achieve and you have designed a strategy for making it happen.

The process needs to start with a thorough discovery. Gather every pertinent piece of information related to the property and the prospects’ requirements. At that point a professionally created new business proposal should be constructed which will not only highlight your professionalism, but also clearly show the prospect that you are in touch with their needs, you are proposing solutions to those needs and you are the very best person to deliver on what you have promised. Utilizing a checklist and compilation system such as the one provided by the Commercial Real Estate Edge Proposal Generator assures a complete and impressive package that covers all the bases. Having all of the relevant property and market information reconciled in one package allows the commercial real estate agent to formulate a valuation strategy and a marketing plan that is custom tailored to the specific situation the prospect is facing. Packaging the information into this highly professional format gives the agent the opportunity to structure an effective presentation for the prospect, and which will clearly bring the issues to the forefront of the conversation while simultaneously providing the prospect with your solutions and action plans for achieving the objectives that will meet their needs. In essence, you’ve created a business plan that serves as a living document for you and your prospective clients to use to build a working relationship for this assignment and many more moving forward.

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