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Build Confidence by Celebrating Small Wins

July 28th, 2014

Think of a time when you were supremely confident. What made you feel that way? What made that voice in your head say “I got this”? Think about how you carried yourself in that situation. Your body language. Your tone of voice and your overall attitude. Can you feel it coming back to you? No try to remember the reaction of the people you interacted with in that situation.

Confidence is something that projects an image of who you are in that moment. It sends the message that you know what you’re talking about, you’ve done this before and you are worthy of listening to. As commercial real estate brokerage professionals our long term success relies on our ability to persuade prospects to act based on the merits of the information we are presenting to them. It is human nature that we will make both conscious and subconscious judgments about what we hear and see based on the way it is delivered. If the information is presented in a meek tone of voice that reflects uncertainty and lacks enthusiasm, we are simply less likely to believe it. If the information is presented in a strong, enthusiastic way that reflects conviction, self belief and passion, we will naturally feel more confident in what we are hearing. It is more likely that your prospect will trust and believe in you because you exude confidence.

Confidence is hard to fake. I believe that most people who try to fake confidence simply come off as arrogant. Confidence is an appealing quality that makes people like you. Arrogance is generally a turn off. So how do we get that genuine confidence and instill it into our day to day business interactions? I believe confidence comes from a series of successes both small and large. Think about it….You finally get that listing appointment you’ve been trying to get. You secure the listing. You generate offers. You go to contract. Each step in these processes should build more confidence that should reflect in your personal demeanor. That confidence will lead to more success and that success will continue to build your confidence. It can be an endless cycle.

So celebrate every win no matter how small. Let yourself feel more confident in your abilities and let that show when you speak with prospects and clients. Both you and the people you interact with will enjoy the benefits.

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