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Bringing The Best “You” To Every Commercial Real Estate Sales Opportunity

June 9th, 2014

I had a nice chat with my friend Jeff today and we were discussing varieties of “secret sauce” that make up the keys to success in selling. Jeff is a consummate sales professional so I wanted to hear what he thought was the most important factor that was present in every successful sales situation. His answer was simple but very profound.

“Be yourself, but be the best “you” possible in every selling opportunity” he said. I asked what he meant by the “best you possible”. He told me that there are plenty of days when he got up in the morning and there were about a million things he’d rather be doing than speaking to new prospects.

“On those days I just have to tell myself that I have to be here and the only way I will have a successful day is to shake it off and give the prospect my very best”. He went on to tell me that means assessing his positive attributes and strengths, then taping into those things when he interacts with the prospects.

“You know when you are at your best and you know how it feels to succeed during those times. That’s the energy you have to draw upon every single day when you are prospecting. But being aware of your strengths is key. If you know you are trustworthy, fun, well read, energetic, whatever, you have to bring those parts of your personality to the surface every time you talk to a prospect or a client. Even if you’re just not up to it that day.”

Jeff is right on. As commercial real estate professionals new business development is the life blood of longevity in our careers. You usually only get one good shot at making a first impression so if you’re delivering anything other than the best possible “you” that you can be in that moment, you risk losing that business forever. Worse yet, if you leave a bad impression on that prospect, you never know who he may talk to and share his unimpressive experience with. Boom, there goes your professional brand.

Delivering your best to every commercial real estate prospect or client you come into contact with starts with preparation. Look in the mirror and conjure up the vision and feelings you have had during your most successful encounters. Bring those into every selling situation and win more business, not to mention protecting your professional brand.

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