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September 28th, 2013

Did that get your attention? Make you want to read this post? Probably. That is just one of the many outrageous headlines found on the cover of the tabloid Weekly World News. You’re probably asking what the heck this has to do with commercial real estate brokerage. Well in this post I want to talk about marketing, mainly email marketing. Email has become such a prevalent form of communication these days, especially in business, that most people are forced to filter through the bombardment of emails we get on a daily basis. Still, email can be a very effective tool for commercial real estate agents who want to market their listings, services or client needs. So the question becomes, how do you set yourself apart and rise above the noise?

When most people receive an email, the first thing they look at is the sender. Then, and almost immediately, they look at the subject line. If the sender isn’t immediately recognizable and the subject line sounds “spammy” or is irrelevant, that email is most likely either ignored or cast off to the trash bin without being read. All of this happens in a second or two.

Commercial real estate agents should put a great deal of thought into what goes into the subject line of every marketing email sent. I’m certainly not suggesting that you become the Weekly World News of commercial real estate brokerage with false or outrageous subject lines. I am suggesting that you really think about a “headline” for that space that will set you apart from all of the other stuff we see day in and day out…..and usually ignore. Think about how you can make the subject line more compelling. Instead of “2,400 SF Class A Office Space For Lease”, how about something like “This is my best listing. Better hurry!” I had a colleague once who sent his entire database a newsletter each week that contained his featured listings and some valuable industry information. He seldom got a call and really wasn’t able to track any measurable results. Then a sharp marketing professional suggested that he change the subject line to include his first and last name. Now instead of “This week’s featured listings” the subject line read “The John Smith CRE Journal Is Attached”. He got more calls on the listings featured in the newsletter and when he made business development calls, prospects regularly made reference to receiving his newsletter.

So make a point to stand out (in a positive and professional way). It just takes a little thought and creativity. If you want to read more archived Weekly World News Headlines and get a good chuckle, you can find them here:

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