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6 Traits Commercial Real Estate Brokers Should Learn From Tim Tebow

January 11th, 2012

No matter what you think of “Tebow Mania”, you have to admit it’s been interesting to watch. Love him or hate him, the guy is a proven winner which is what most of us certainly try to be when it comes to our commercial real estate brokerage practices. I’ll admit, I’ve been on the Tebow bandwagon and I’ve developed a few parallels that I think can be applied to what we do to be “winners’ in commercial real estate. I’ve identified 6 traits that Tim Tebow exemplifies and that you will also find in almost every successful broker:


  1. ATTITUDE: Tebow has always had the attitude of a winner. He knows what it takes to prepare and he goes about his business with a positive mindset, even though he is under tremendous scrutiny and pressure. It’s been hard to have a positive attitude in the commercial real estate business over the past couple of years, but the attitude you project day in and day out reflects how you approach your business. I believe you either project a winning attitude or a losing attitude.
  2. ENTHUSIASM: Tim Tebow loves the game and it shows. He has been displaying a childlike enthusiasm on the field and off since he was at Florida. That enthusiasm is contagious and makes everyone from his teammates to his fans want to be a part of it. Dale Carnegie said “Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence is the quality that most frequently makes for success”. Be enthusiastic about everything you do. When you make a cold call, meet a client for the first time or make a marketing presentation exude enthusiasm that tells the person on the other end that you LOVE what you are doing. More importantly, enthusiasm is the reinforcement of belief.
  3. COACHABILITY: Throughout his football career, Tebow’s coaches have raved about him. Why? Because their job is to coach and he is a coachable kid. Even when he was experiencing championship success at the University of Florida, he remained disciplined and open to the coaching he was receiving. Anyone in the commercial real estate industry who doesn’t believe that they need some form of ongoing training or coaching is destined to stagnate. We have an expression at Edge Academy… “Continuous earning requires continuous learning”. Open yourself up to as much coaching and professional training as you can if you want to continue to grow.
  4. FAITH: Tebow’s spiritual faith is no secret, but that’s only part of the story. He has faith in all of the people and circumstances around him that makes him believe that he will always win. That faith gives him a calm air of confidence in the most pressure packed situations. We as commercial real estate agents and brokers need to maintain the faith in our abilities and belief that we can overcome all of the many obstacles we face in our day to day business.
  5. FEARLESSNESS: It takes a lot of guts to be the field general for an NFL Franchise. Would you be afraid if you knew that on every play there were 300+ pound linemen whose only job is to clobber you? Compare that to the fear many of us have about making cold calls!! Successful commercial real estate agents and brokers overcome their fears, whether it is fear of rejection, commission only compensation, telling a client bad news, etc.
  6. PERSISTENCE: The criticism of Tim Tebow in the media has been brutal. His shortcomings have been magnified and beguiled and there are many critics who are just waiting to see him fail. While he has experienced numerous failures this season (fumbles, poorly thrown passes, losses, etc.), Tebow relentlessly keeps at it, focusing on the positives and learning from his failures. No matter how far his team is behind in a game, he persists until he wins or the clock runs out. How much rejection do commercial real estate brokers endure before they win the business? Relentless persistence in the positive habits and best practices required to be successful is a trait that all commercial real estate brokerage professionals must have.


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