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If LeBron James Had To Cold Call For a Living

May 9th, 2011

If you’ve ever watched NBA Mega-Superstar LeBron James play basketball you’ve undoubtedly seen him perform a living highlight reel of seemingly impossible feats on the court. You’ve also seen him perform in entertaining commercials and of course his now infamous “Decision” program where he announced his move to Miami. Some people love him, some people can’t stand him (hello Clevelanders!) but he has to be given respect for his talent as well has his ability to maximize his brand. He’s a guy who demands personal achievement at the highest level with a focus on being the best. A famous quote from LeBron goes like this:

“Ask me to play. I’ll play. Ask me to shoot. I’ll shoot. Ask me to pass. I’ll pass. Ask me to steal, block out, sacrifice, lead, dominate. Anything.

But it’s not what you ask of me. It’s what I ask of myself.” – LeBron James

So how do you think LeBron would approach the commercial real estate business? What if he showed up in your office and had to start dialing for dollars tomorrow? How do you think he would approach our business?

  • LeBron has a strong work ethic and prepares for battle through intense practice. “He puts more time in than most anybody in the league, in my opinion,” Cleveland Head Coach Mike Brown said. “That right there is a guy that understands if I’m going to be the greatest ever, I can’t take a day off, a play off.” So you could bet that LeBron would know his database, know his market and when he picked up the phone to call a prospective new client, he’d have all the ammunition he needed to get the prospect’s attention.
  • As skilled as LeBron is, he seeks out coaching at every level. Most of his trips to the gym included Shooting Coach Chris Jent in Cleveland. The two reportedly spent countless hours together honing LeBron’s shooting skills. Being a commercial real estate professional requires a permanent dedication to improvement, skills enhancement and professional growth. Coaches, Trainers and Mentors are there if you seek them out and the most successful people in commercial real estate recognize these folks when they talk about their success. No matter how good you are or think you are, working with experienced Mentors and Coaches will always make you better and keep you at the top of your game.
  • LeBron has built his brand and promotes it relentlessly. In addition to basketball, LeBron has built a celebrity brand that earns him many millions of dollars in product endorsements. He knows how to promote himself in a way that garners the maximum amount of interest from the public, a case in point being “The Decision”. If LeBron was a commercial real estate professional my guess is that he would consistently present himself to the marketplace as the very best. He would network, advertise, opine, promote and extol his expertise to anyone and everyone that he wanted to reach. He would build and protect his brand as being the best choice when prospective clients need representation.
  • Is there a more fierce competitor? Commercial Real Estate Brokerage is a competitive field and your earnings potential is going to be affected by how well you can compete for quality business. LeBron James thrives on competing against the very best and winning. Know your competition, under promise and over deliver. Be ready to compete against the best and it will bring out the best in you.
  • Deliver the goods. I’m from Orlando and a little while back LeBron laid 51 points on my home team. When it’s time to perform, deliver on your promises. Your brand and paychecks will continue to grow.

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